Solstice Soundscapes

05/19/2024 01:00 PM - 02:00 PM CT


  • $10.00


Austin, TX


May 19th session moved to 1PM! All other dates remain unchanged. 

*Please bring a mat if you have one but extra mats will be provided for you to sit or lay down for this session.

*Upon arrival you MUST park in Wright Field. You can obtain your FREE parking pass with us at the front desk. This pass must be put on your windsheild.

Solstice Soundscapes offers a restorative experience, seamlessly blending movement and relaxation with the soothing elements of nature. Guided by somatic therapist Crystal Peña and music therapist Andrea Cortez, you'll embark on a journey of listening to the body and the elements of nature.

Crystal will lead a brief movement practice crafted to open your body to deeper listening, fostering expansiveness and connection. Then, we will transition into a serene soundscape created by Andrea's harp and Native flute, where you can sit or lie down for a truly immersive experience. This workshop incorporates copal and other indigenous materials, elevating the atmosphere for profound contemplation and restoration. The session concludes with an opportunity for integration and reflection to promote harmony between your body and mind. This shared space encourages community building and a collective dialogue on our relationship with land, nature spirits and objects.


*The first 25 attendees get free parking due to a limited quantity of passes


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