Family Day - November 12th

11/12/2023 11:00 AM - 11/14/2023 04:00 PM CT


  • Free


Walking Shadow Shakespeare Interactive Performance Activity:

  • Come experience Shakespeare like you've never seen before! Pull a character, a setting, and a line from buckets at random, and use your clues to put a new twist on these old classics. What would Juliet sound like delivering To Be or Not to Be in the Sunny Forest of Arden? Or Hamlet saying "what fools these mortals be" in the foggy forests of Scotland?
  • Challenge our Artistic Director to an off-the-cuff defense in a Shakespearematchup of your choice! Want to hear her explain why Lady Macbeth would make the best new Barbie? Or why Romeo would be the best Elementary Teacher? Step up to try to stump her, and experience Shakespeare for this century!

Mini UMLAUF Abstract Sculpture Workshop

Abstract Art Craft

Sculpture Scavenger Hunt


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